Corral del Rey - Seville, Andalucia, 41004, Spain

Cultural Tours around Corral del Rey in Seville

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Half day City Tour

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After breakfast your guide will meet you at Corral del Rey. Your tour will include some of the major sites of historical interest such as the cathedral reputed to be the largest church in the world and built on the site of a 12th century mosque. The Alcazar, originally a Moorish palace which dates back to the 14th century is also a must-see. The tour usually ends with a walk through the Santa Cruz district, the old Jewish quarter which is a maze of narrow streets, wrought iron gates and internal patios with typical fountains and potted plants. You will finally be dropped off at either a restaurant or traditional tapas bar, depending on your preferences

Art Tour with Sissi Bolza

This half day tour gives a fascinating insight into the artistic side of Seville. Your guide Sissi will pick you up from Corral del Rey and take you to visit the studios of various artists and sculptors introducing you to them personally where possible. The itinerary includes a visit to the studio of artist Chema Rodriguez, the studio of Miguel Garcia a famous sculptor whose bronze equestrian statue of Doña Maria stands in front of the Maestranza. You will visit Ana Medina and Patricia Abascal´s antique shop (they are two well-know Spanish socialites), the Galeria Haurie and then Sissi´s own studio where she exhibits and sells her Arabic calligraphy combining poetry extracts from the Al-Andalus.

Craft Tour with Sissi Bolza

On this half day tour Sissi will take you to visit some of the artesannes responsible for creating the garments worn by bullfighters, flamenco artists and Sevillanos during their festivals and cultural events.
You will visit the flamenco dress designers Rocio Peralta and Nuñez Pol. You will visit the studio and shop of Pedro Algaba who is tailor to the bullfighters, creating their excuisite trajes de luces. The tour also includes a visit to a guitar maker, hat studio and guarnicionero (saddler and leather shop). At the end of morning there is a chance to stop and buy some of the famous pastries at one of the cloister convents.

Spanish Traditions: Flamenco with Judy Cotter

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For many visitors to Seville, flamenco is one of its greatest treasures. People flock to the many tablaos (flamenco bars) and flamenco shows to see something of this Andalusian culture whilst visiting the city.
Your afternoon with Judy will start with a talk on flamenco given by Judy at Corral del Rey. She will then take you to the Museo de Baile Flamenco, an institution to flamenco dance where you will have a private introductory class to flamenco given by Victor Bravo, the much acclaimed dancer who has worked and studied overseas and in Japan before returning to Spain where he works both as a choreographer and dancer. Your private class will include hand movements, basic rhythms and footwork. Afterwards, you will have time for a quick shower at the hotel before Judy takes you to see a flamenco performance. She will then accompany you to dinner or for tapas and you will be able to share your impressions and discuss what you have seen. This afternoon is a fantastic way to enjoy and participate in the world of flamenco.


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