Corral del Rey - Seville, Andalucia, 41004, Spain

Equestrian Activities & Shows

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Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Equestre

Sitting proudly in the centre of the town of Jerez de la Frontera, the famous Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre draws millions of visitors each year. The equestrian centre is built around the Recreo de las Cadenas Palace. The shows are held in the 1600 seat arena. As the distinctive tones of flamenco guitar start up, ten riders dressed in 18th century style costume make their entrance and the impressive equestrian ballet begins. The performance “Como Bailan los Caballos Andaluces” is an authentic equestrian ballet staged on typical choreography taken from classical dressage and advanced equestrian exercises, always in time with pieces of classical music. You can also visit the stables and tack rooms and watch the riders train the horses with the various disciplines.    
Shows - Tuesday and Thursday at 12h00 duration 1 ½ hrs. Training Sessions - Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 10h00 - 13h00 

La Yeguada de la Cartuja

The Dehesa de la Fuente del Suero is a symbolic location that houses the world‟s most important stock of Cartujano
horses, namely the Yeguada de la Cartuja-Hierro del Bocado stud farm. The yeguada is located close to the Carthusian monastery of Jerez where the excellent pasture provided by the marshlands combined with an unbeatable climate makes it a perfect location for the breeding of Jerezano horses.  This activity has continued uninterrupted to the present day and has resulted in the yeguada being home to the most important stock of Cartujano horses anywhere in the world. The yeguada has earned much international prestige and is an object of national pride here in Spain.  
Shows – Every Saturday at 11h00, 1 hour visit of the installations followed by 1 hour show

Campo Abierto, Finca Los Alburejos

Los Alburejos is situated just outside Medina Sidonia and is part of a group of properties belonging to the family of Álvaro Domecq. Here they breed the renowned bullfighting horses (rejoneo) as well as the brave bulls (toros bravos) used in bullrings all over Spain. The finca opens to the public three times a week. You will get a chance to see these majestic animals in their natural habitat and will be treated to a great performance of both classical dressage and Doma Vaquerra, the Spanish style of riding, which originated in the countryside specifically for working and moving cattle.
11.30h every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from March to October (in Spanish, English, French and German)

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Private Countryside Ride

Cuko Valcarcel was Colonel in Chief of the old cavalry regiment based in Seville and now runs the equestrian centre and competitions at Pineda Country Club. His family ranch, Finca Los Camachos, is situated just 14km from the Hacienda and is surrounded by over 1000 hectares of spectacular private countryside used principally for hunting and which provides a dramatic landscape of rolling hills and bridle paths through which to ride. This is not a public riding centre but a private home where our guests can enjoy a 2 hour exclusive ride with a charming guide who will later invite them to enjoy a glass of cold dry fino and aperitivo at the ranch before returning to the Hacienda.
Duration of activity – 2 hours

Riding Club - La Corbera

Situated just a half hour drive from the Hacienda and a half hour from Corral del Rey is Finca La Corbera, a riding centre owned by Alfonso Gonzalo de Bustos who is a passionate horseman. He has over 20 beautifully schooled horses suitable for all levels of riders including small children. You can enjoy individual or group hacks along sandy trails, through olive groves, fields of wheat, sunflowers and orange trees, or try a few jumps either in the open countryside or in the arena.
Duration of activity - minimum 2 hours

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