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Below are the bodegas of Jerez and Sanlucar de Barameda which we recommend. We are happy to reserve tickets for bodega tours, arrange private tours or organise a day excursion with private guide visiting various bodegas. Please inform reception of your requirements.

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Gonzalez Byass - Jerez

The bodegas of Gonzalez Byass were established in 1835 when the companys founder D. Manuel Gonzalez Angel formed a successful partnership with Mr Robert Blake Byass, who had been the new companys Agent in London.  Together they built what has become todays well-known company, internationally recognized for the care devoted to its sherries and brandies and for the high quality standards maintained across its wide product range.
The company is still directed by the fourth and fifth generations of the Gonzalez family, preserving the heritage, traditions and culture of sherry and brandy production for over 160 years. Enjoy a tour of the „bodegas where you will taste a selection dry and sweet sherries, and learn about the heritage and science of this great Andalucian tradition.

Bodegas Tradicion, Jerez

This is a small bodega and one of the oldest in Jerez dating back more than 350 years. They pride themselves on the use of traditional and ancient methods of production to produce the best quality sherries possible. The bodega also houses a wonderful collection of paintings.

Bodega Fernando de Castilla, Jerez

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Fernando de Castilla is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional of the small, independent sherry houses. The Bodega was revitalised in 1999 by Jan Pettersen, a Norwegian with a passion for top quality sherry. He previously spent 15 years working at Osborne. After taking over the cellars Jan quickly established Fernando de Castilla as masters in the production and ageing of fine, unblended, untreated Sherries. The bodega’s reputation is based on the excellence of the antique range of intensely pure and complex single Solera Sherries that continue to scoop every award going. With listings in some of the world’s finest and more prestigious on and off-trade accounts, sales of premium sherry continue to grow steadily, and reflect the popularity for Spanish gastronomy, wine and culture.

Bodegas Hidalgo, la Gitana - Sanlucar de Barrameda

Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana is a family owned sherry-maker founded in 1792 and based in Sanlucar de Barameda. It is run by Javier Hidalgo who has spent many years tirelessly promoting their range to more than 30 overseas markets. Hidalgo make some glorious sherries aged in the dark, quiet surroundings of the well-ventilated bodega like the Amontillado Viejo, Oloroso Viejo, Palo Cortado Viejo, but the mainstay of the range is La Gitana, a crisp, savoury, bone dry manzanilla.  If you are planning to visit Sanlucar to sample some of the best shellfish in Spain, a visit to this bodega might be of interest. Please speak to reception in advance if you wish to visit his bodega.

Sherry Tasting evenings at Hacienda / Corral del Rey

Javier and Almeudena host sherry tasting evenings at the Hacienda or Corral del Rey for individuals or groups. These events are a great opportunity to learn more about this aspect of oenology.

Private Sherry Tour, Jerez

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Join Roger Davies on a fascinating tour of various bodegas in Jerez. The tour begins with a visit to one of the larger wineries with the greatest selection of sherries in Jerez. Youʼll get taken round spectacular buildings dating from the 19th century. After an in-depth tour of the winery, including a detailed explanation of the unique sherry-ageing process, there will be a tutored tasting of the different styles of sherry. You will also get a chance to sample some very fine sherry vinegar.

Next is a visit to a much smaller family-run bodega. The people who run the winery are great friends of Roger which means you get to taste their exceptionally fine sherries drawn directly from the cask, not a usual occurrence! The winery is also a producer of high quality brandies, some say the best in Spain, which as with the sherries will be tasted straight out of the cask. The bodega visits are followed by lunch in a local landmark. There is time for a walk around the beautiful old quarter of Jerez before the trip ends.

Jerez Old Town Bodega Tour for Foodies

This is a really comprehensive tour as it combines a visit to a bodega as well as experiencing the gastronomy of the area. Ivan Ricoy will take you on a tour of the old town bars, market stalls, ancient bodegas and secret corners of Jerez. The experience will allow you to understand the past and present identity of the city. It includes breakfast and other morning bites, a visit to a selected bodega and a tapas journey through ancient sherry bars, finishing with a sweet local indulgence.

Jerez From the Grape to the Glass Tour

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This tour is a really comprehensive approach to sherry where not only do you visit the bodegas that make the sherry, but also selected vineyards where the grapes are grown. The tour includes visits to two vineyards and two bodegas (with the corresponding tastings), one of them being absolutely private and where wines are aged only for the family. A local country lunch will be offered in one of the vineyards, which overlooks the rolling hills of the Sherry triangle.

Duraiton: from 9 - 9:30am until 5:30 - 6pm (Hacienda San Rafael - Corral del rey respectively)
Prices (transport, visits, tastings, lunch and tax included):

Wine Tasting - Seville

El Rinconcillo opened in 1670 and is Seville´s oldest tapas bar. Here, in the restaurant on the first floor Roger Davies hosts wine tastings. The main tastings feature wines from Jerez. As well as explaining how the wines are made and tasting the different styles he will show you how versatile they are with food. The wines are accompanied by top-quality prawns from the Huelva coastline, acorn-fed Iberian ham, Spanish cheese, excellent fish and meat dishes and typical desserts. He also offers tastings of quality Spanish red and white wines.

Wine Tasting, Ronda

At just over 120km to the south-east of Seville, Ronda is one of Andalucia´s most beautiful towns. It is famous throughout Spain for the gaping river gorge with a sheer drop of 120m which divides the medieval from the 18th century parts of the town. Ronda is becoming well-known among wine enthusiasts as a producer of very good red wines and to a smaller extent whites. Grape varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. You will visit two of the best wineries in the area accompanied by your personal guide Roger Davies.

Lunch will be at a fine local spot sampling some wonderful food accompanied, naturally, by some great local wine. You will then have time to explore the town of Ronda with its Moorish and Christian legacy.


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