Corral del Rey - Seville, Andalucia, 41004, Spain

Henry John

Henry John is renowned for pictures constructed with an unnerving efficiency. His ability to exploit colour and line is demonstrated in the broad spectrum of his work through an instinctive approach to both subject matter and surface texture. Both with his intimate moments amongst friends and his interpretation of the unfamiliar, his experiences are washed down to their core value and intense atmospheres are brought to life with calm execution. "I'm a figurative artist but this moment of truth is often resolved by abstract means, the language and application of marks is very important to me, I think after conceptualizing the gut reaction is the most important one "

Henry studied at Wimbledon School of Art, The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine art (Bachelor of Arts) and the Prince's Foundation. He lives and works in London.

For more information on Henry John please visit www.henry-john.com

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