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PhotoVoice's mission is to bring about positive social change for marginalized communities through providing them with photographic training with which they can advocate, express themselves and generate income.

PhotoVoice is an award-winning international charity and the only development organisation of its kind in Europe. Its projects empower some of the most disadvantaged groups in the world with photographic skills so that they can transform their lives. Through establishing in-field photojournalism workshops PhotoVoice projects enable those who are traditionally the subjects of photography to become its creator.

All the photographs on display have been taken by members of vulnerable and marginalised groups trained through PhotoVoice projects. These include orphans, refugees and street children living in countries around the world. All have overcome prejudice, hardship and stigma to learn a new skill and create powerful images that tell us directly about their personal situations, hopes and aspirations.

All proceeds from sale of these images will go back to PhotoVoice to further the running of these and future projects.

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